Celebrating the Seasons of Life Study

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I am happy to announce the release of my new women's Bible study, Celebrating the Seasons of Life. My goal is to encourage women to live fully in God’s purpose during all the seasons of life. Based on Ecclesiastes 3:1, “for everything there is a season,” the study reminds us that God has a plan for each of us and promises to make everything beautiful for its own time.  Each of the four lessons is based on one of the calendar seasons and includes a 12 minute video and a downloadable study guide that can all be completed in one hour. Each lesson features the story of a biblical woman who used her season for her own good and God’s glory. Using the handout for each lesson you’ll turn inward to examine the season of your life and discover some strategies for living fully in your purpose. The series is designed for individual study or a small group study in the home or workplace. I hope it will serve as a blessing to women who want an easily accessible and inspiring way to grow closer to Christ. The series is available for free at www.christchurchchatt.org
Click here:  Celebrating the Seasons of Life Study

Study Outline
Lesson 1:  Season of Hope
                  The Bleeding Woman
Lesson 2:  Season of Fruitfulness

Lesson 3:  Season of Harvest
Lesson 4:  Season of Waiting
Leader Guide for Retreat Activities

Narratives of Biblical Women

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