Themes for 2010

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The beginning of each year is a good time to reflect on our lives and select some areas to start anew. A look at the most common New Year’s resolutions reported at shows that most are in relation to physical things:

Lose Weight
Manage Debt
Save Money
Get a Better Job
Get Fit
Get a Better Education
Drink Less Alcohol
Quit Smoking
Reduce Stress Overall
Reduce Stress at Work
Take a Trip
Volunteer to Help Others

These are all worthy goals yet they do little to promote our spiritual welfare. We read in Joshua 24:15 that the faithful leader Joshua made a resolution, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” This is such a simple statement, but it reveals the commitment Joshua had for living a God-filled life. We would all do well to resolve to live a life of service to God, wouldn't we!

Like 50% of Americans, every year I take stock of my life and decide on a few areas to improve. This year in lieu of writing behavior specific goals, such as, reading the Bible through, I am going to focus on a theme for 2010: a Purpose-filled Life. I look forward in the coming year to searching scripture, praying, reading books, soul-searching, and seeking counsel from others about what God purposes for my life. As part of my service to God, I want to share these strategies with others who are struggling to find meaning in life and to discover what God’s purpose is for their life.
I urge you to determine a theme for 2010 and ask God to show you how to live an intentional life during the coming year. You might consider some of these:
Treasure Hunting
Possibility Thinking
Positive Attitude
Choosing Happiness
Or you might choose to follow Rev. Rick Warren's plan for spiritual growth:
G - Go to God in prayer daily.
R - Read God's Word daily.
O- Obey God moment by moment.
W - Witness for Christ by your life and words.
T - Trust God for every detail of your life.
H - Holy Spirit - Allow Him to control and empower your daily life and withness.
Remember those who have the greatest success with resolutions:

Write it.
Commit to it.
Share it.
Plan for it.
Evaluate it.
Celebrate it.
Have a blessed New Year!


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