Biblical Affirmations

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One of my favorite childhood stories was The Little Engine that Could. In the tale a long train must be pulled over a high mountain. Various larger engines are asked to pull the train, but for different reasons they refuse. Then the request is sent to a small engine, who agrees to try. The engine succeeds in pulling the train over the mountain while repeating the motto: "I-think-I-can." The book is used to teach children the value of optimism and hard work.

By repeating the motto, “I-think-I-can,” the train convinced himself that he could do a feat that seemed impossible. By repeating affirmations, we too can learn to can think positive thoughts that will help us achieve the seemingly impossible.

Affirmations are short positive statements that target a specific set of beliefs. They challenge and undermine negative beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs. It is a kind of "brainwashing" only you get to choose which negative beliefs to wash away. The idea is to focus your mind on an aim and to build an image in your conscious mind which will affect your subconscious.

Affirmations evoke positive images in your mind and are always stated in the present tense. Making statements in the present programs you subconscious mind to believe that what you affirm is already happening. Your mind is helping you to make the circumstance actually happen.
Affirmations help us knock out the feelings of insecurity and create a positive pattern of ideas. Instead of thinking thoughts of defeat and ineffectiveness, we can think thoughts of faith and courage.

Long before the New Age movement began promoting the use of affirmations, the Bible instructed us to think on these things: whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and worthy of praise. These are biblical affirmations. Scripture is filled with life affirming principles that encourage us in our daily walk. These passages remind us that when we face life’s uncertainties, we have the constant presence and support of God.

I encourage you to use the following biblical affirmations to remind you that “nothing is impossible with God.”

I believe nothing is too hard for the Lord. Gen. 18:14
I believe the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart are acceptable to you. Psalm 19:14
I believe the Lord is my light and my salvation, so I do not need to fear. Psalm 27:1
I believe the Lord is good and am blessed because I trust in him. Psalm 34:8-9
I believe you will show me the path of life. Psalm 16:11
I believe in your presence there is fullness of joy. Psalm 16:11
I believe everything has a season. Eccl. 3:1.
I believe there is time for every purpose under heaven. Eccl. 3:1

I am content with such things as I have. Heb. 13:5
I love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul and mind Mt. 22:37
I believe when I pass through the waters the Lord is with me. Is. 43:2
I believe when I pass through the rivers, they shall not overflow me. Is 43:2.
I believe when I pass through the fire, I shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch me. Is. 43:2.
I believe He who is in me is greater than He who is in the world. 1st Jon. 4:4.
I believe God is pouring out on me such a great blessing Mal. 3:10
I believe my blessings are great and there is not room enough to receive it,
Mal. 3:10
I am of good cheer and not afraid Mt. 14:27.
I am walking before God in truth and with a loyal heart. 2nd Kings 20:3.
I am doing what is good in the sight of the LORD 2nd kings 20:3
I believe the LORD’S purpose is prevailing in my life Pro. 19: 21
I believe with God, all things are possible Mk. 10:27
I believe the Lord is fighting for me Ex. 14:14


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