Wholly Holiday Eating

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Practice Wholly Holiday Eating and Have a Merry Fitness!

'Tis the season for over-indulgence! Fa-la-la-la folly! You can still enjoy your favorite guilty pleasures but follow these healthy tips to bring some balance to the season!

Boost your metabolism
A healthy breakfast and lots of water will give you more energy throughout the day and prevent you from bingeing on the party buffet in the evening.
Green tea is great for the body as it flushes out toxins and keeps the kidneys working properly. I use a dropper full of Herbasway “The Original” HerbaGreen Tea with 15 times the antioxidants of regular brewed tea.

Cinnamon balances blood sugar and reduces ill effects of sweet foods. Stir a little into tea or coffee. I add it to my oatmeal.

Take the stairs. Park away from the entrance and walk instead of driving around trying to find a closer parking space.

Work out
At this time of year it is difficult to fit in a two hour gym session as well as work and fulfill social obligations. Find ways to raise your heart rate with short workouts several times a week.

Fill up
Don't arrive at a party hungry. Eat a small meal of complex carbs so you don't over indulge on the buffet. A sandwich with cheese or tuna on whole wheat bread, a bowl of cereal, brown pasta, of even just a banana will ensure you don't overindulge.

Use the Plate Model
Fill half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables and fruit. In the remaining half fill the plate with a healthy protein, quality carbs and a healthy fat-rich food.

Plan of Attack for the Christmas Buffet
A festive buffet might look wonderful, but it is full of hidden fats. Try this plan of attack.
1. Fly-by without a plate to survey the options.
2. Reconnaissance Mission 1: Load up on raw vegetables and fruit.
3. Reconnaissance Mission 2: Fill the plate with salads, meat, and small helpings of sides.
4. Reconnaissance Mission 3: Try samples of a few desserts.
5. Don't stand at the buffet table - you'll end up constantly picking and nibbling. Get what you want and move away.

Say no to seconds
Practice discipline!

Drink at least a glass of water before a Christmas party and alternate water with other beverages during it.
5 olives (any kind) (45 calories); 1/4 cup hummus and 3 carrot sticks (80 calories)
1 Laughing Cow Light Swiss Original wedge, 3 pieces Kavli Crispy Thin (85 calories)
2 cups popcorn (air-popped, 62 calories; oil-popped, 110 calories)
Celery keeps blood pressure low, and helps lower cholesterol too.
Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which improves mood and reduces anxiety. Eat just 3 a day.

Vitamin C
Colds are common during this season so don’t forget to boost your immune system with some Vitamin C.

Watch portion sizes like a hawk. Enjoy everything, say no to nothing – but do it all in moderation.


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