Robin Roberts - Inspiration

Friday, August 31, 2012

What an inspiration Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts is as she faces MDS, a blood and bone marrow disease! As she began her leave of absence to start her treatment, she shared with viewers what she says are “gifts” she’s experiencing on this journey.
  • The Gift of Life – Her sister has donated the bone marrow for her transplant.
  • The Gift of Family – With every step of this experience, she feels the love, kindness, and support of her family.
  • The Gift of Laughter – Family members make her laugh even during the darkest times.
  • The Gift of Knowledge – Her medical team teaches her about her disease and treatment for there is more comfort in knowing than not.
  • The Gift of Giving – She raises awareness of her illness and has encouraged others to become donors.
  • The Gift of Friendship – “Team Robin” cheer her on in the fight.
Roberts shares that her faith is what sustains her and it’s obvious that the power of prayer strengthens her resolve. Her sister and donor, Sally Ann, prays three things for Robin’s life: strength, wisdom, and favor. What a blessed prayer to pray into anyone’s life - strength to fight on, wisdom through the myriad of decisions ahead, and God’s blessings and unmerited favor even through the struggle.
As a visible reminder of her faith, Robin created a prayer bracelet denoting the Prayer for Protection that her mother taught the Roberts children. 

The Light of God surrounds me. 
The Love of God enfolds me. 
The Power of God protects me. 
The Presence of God watches over me. 
Wherever I am, God is.
Knowing the journey will not be easy, Robin Roberts chooses to focus on the gifts. Let’s be inspired to count our own gifts during the good times and the challenging ones


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