A Time for Evaluating

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The account of Gideon in the book of Judges provides an inspirational example of a reluctant leader. Our first impression of Gideon is of him hiding in a wine press threshing wheat. He was so terrified of the Midianites so he hid from them and tried to secretly get a little bit of food for his family.  God saw not the weaknesses of a fearful man, but the strengths of a leader and called Gideon to accomplish something big.

In Judges 6 & 7 we watch as Gideon moves from despair to disappointment to doubt to discouragement and eventually to dependence on God. Gideon leads an Israelite army who is equipped only with trumpets, torches, and jars to become victorious in one of the strangest battles in history.

Accomplishing God's purposes is not determined by the size of our checkbook, the number of initials after our name, or the size of our congregation. God is looking to glorify Himself on earth through people who are fully dependent on Him. He wants people who are willing to trust in him and allow him to use their strengths, gifts, talents, and skills for his glory. He invites us to join him in doing His will. He wants us to want to serve him and work for him.  He wants us to “Get up!” and go for him just as Gideon did.

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